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DJI Phantom Drone Used To Sweep The Leaves Funny Lazy Guy
October 26, 2015

A DJI Phantom to the rescue to sweep the lawn for lazy peoply. A very genius and simple idea.

Using drones for transmission line inspections
October 22, 2015

American Transmission Co. is evaluating using drone technology as a potential alternative to some inspections currently being performed from helicopters or by ground crews. Drones can be especially useful when inspecting transmission lines in difficult-to-reach areas.

Drone registration is coming. This is what we know.
October 19, 2015

The Department of Transportation announced that (some) drone owners will have to start registering their drones.

US Dept. of Transportation Drone Press Conference
October 19, 2015

The U.S. Department of Transportation press conference detailing the task force that has been created to initiate business and consumer drone registrations.

Drone Journalism - A New Perspective on the News
October 17, 2015

Ben Kreimer discusses possibilities of using drones to get footage that would bring a dynamic new perspective to journalism.

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