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Name:  3D Robotics, Inc.
Location: Berkeley, CA
Phone:  858-225-1414
Email:  help@3drobotics.com
Website:  http://3drobotics.com
Products:  Solo, Iris+, Multicopter 3DR RTF Y6
3D Robotics (3DR) was founded in 2012 by former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, and Jordi Muñoz, a college dropout and electronics whiz from Ensenada, Mexico. One of the company's first major successes surrounded the development of their APM flight control software, used by UAV engineers, research institutes, and NASA.

In 2014 the company introduced their first ready-to-fly drones for consumers, the IRIS and IRIS+. 3DR also brought in Colin Guinn, a leading UAV expert who had recently departed from overseeing the U.S. operations for DJI.

3DR's modern UAV offerings include the popular Solo Smart Drone and the professional, heavy-lifting X8. In February 2015, 3DR raised over $50 million in venture capital funding through Qualcomm.

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