About DroneWire

About DroneWire

DroneWire is a leading provider of news and information surrounding the emerging commercial and enthusiast Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry.

Established by a small team of Internet publishing and systems engineering experts who have long held a fascination with drone technology, our digital publication operates 24-hours each day, and is focused primarily on the United States market, with inclusion of international issues that may affect U.S. legal policies or the industry as a whole.

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Our Mission

“Provide the Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry with the most comprehensive resource for drone news, insight, and opinion.”

Our Value

Our core value to UAS industry insiders and drone enthusiasts, stems from our proprietary content aggregation platform. Several times each day, our reporting system scans over 1,000 carefully selected content sources and compiles an index of the latest drone news articles and videos.

Throughout the day, our editors manually review each news article or video, approving only the most relevant and useful items for distribution to our readers. In addition, our content curators also visit select discussion groups and forums, to discover breaking areas of interest, and to maintain a finger on the pulse of this explosive industry.

We also publish featured articles covering the topics that are most important to serious UAS companies and drone operators.

Our staff members routinely communicate with UAS industry leaders, and we are working with companies, state and local governments, and federal agencies to formulate worthwhile policies, implement better national record keeping, and foster a new era of technological advancements that will benefit our industry, as well as society.

Our Offerings

Our website and social media channels are updated around the clock, and feature the following information, and more:

Current Drone News - The top daily drone news items from all around the web; carefully selected for you and located in once place!

Featured Articles - DroneWire's original features on the most important topics affecting the emerging UAS industry.

Drone Videos - Curated business and hobbyist UAV videos from all around the web.

Drone Industry Resources - A complete archive of all our drone business and operators resources.

FAA & Section 333 Information - Comprehensive analysis of all FAA policies affecting business and consumer drone operators.

Drone Manufacturers Database - Our database of international drone manufacturing companies; updated daily.

Drone Companies Database - Our database of U.S. drone services and operators; updated daily.

Drone Organizations Database - Our database of key UAS industry organizations.

Drone Attorneys Database - Our database of law firms and attorneys specializing in UAS matters.


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  • Our monthly reach to targeted business and hobbyist drone users is growing exponentially. This trend will continue all through 2016 due to explosive UAS industry growth, our continued monetary investment into online advertising, and our expert background in Internet marketing and SEO.

  • Our website receives 30% of its traffic from return users. Our polling has indicated that serious drone users find our website and social media channels very valuable.

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